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clinic management software

iClinics is the best choice for your clinic management software – Dental software

The best Clinic Management Software Streamline Your Practice

Access Anywhere​

Seamlessly connect for appointments, and records, ensuring quality healthcare from anywhere at any time.​

Easy to Use

platform is intuitive, straightforward, and quick to get started with. No tech expertise needed; you’ll be ready in minutes.​


Rest assured, we securely store, back up, and safeguard your sensitive information.​

Trusted and Loved​

Established and rapidly expanding since 2019, we’ve earned trust globally among practitioners. Your patients’ privacy is paramount in our journey.​

Accessible Resources​

In addition to free phone, email, and live chat support, gain access to a library of helpful resources and tutorials for seamless navigation and utilization of our platform..​


Access free phone, email, and live chat support. Plus, our online practice management system eliminates the need for cumbersome software installations.​

A powerful Calendar

Appointment Management

At the core of iClinics lies a robust and user-friendly calendar system. Whether you’re an individual practitioner or managing a multi-location clinic, our calendar management is designed to be intuitive and efficient.

Clinic, PolyClinic, and Personal Appointments​
Customizable Calendar and Colors​
Waiting List and Confirmed Appointments ​

SMS & WhatsApp reminders and Re-Call System

Boost patient involvement with our all-in-one communication tools. SMS/WhatsApp reminders aid scheduling and personalized messages decrease no-shows. Automate follow-ups for consistent care, and effortless recurring consultations for seamless management.

  • Appointments Reminders
  • 6 months Recalls
  • Birthday Notification
  • BULK SMS offers & more
A CRM for your practice

Patient Record Management

Patient Record Management involves storing, organizing, and accessing patient information securely. It ensures accuracy, confidentiality, and easy retrieval of medical records, streamlining healthcare delivery and improving patient care.

Smart Search Engine for easy access ​
One Click Strategy​
Link All Communication ​

Clinical Notes

Clinical notes are detailed records documenting a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and progress. These notes serve as a crucial communication tool among healthcare providers, ensuring continuity of care, guiding treatment decisions, and facilitating comprehensive patient management

  • Customized Notes and Colors
  • Easy duplicate notes

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